Noticing a town, destroyed by a runaway train, and being the only Time-Traveling Cowboy in the Wild West, you decide to send yourself back in time to stop the train from causing mass destruction.

Unfortunately, the train is full of dangerous things that could kill you. Luckily, you're, y'know, a time-traveler! Whenever you receive a fatal blow, your time-machine will automatically create a copy of you to feel the pain and send the real you back in time to safety. You'll have to use the failures of your past self to make progress!

How To Play:

Your objective is to get through all ten stages of the train. Dying in different ways can have different effects:

Pitfall - Your soul will rise up into the sky, which you can use as a platform!

Spikes - Your (copy of your) body will fly into the air and bounce off of other spikes.

Bullet - Your past self will be sent flying in a straight direction.

Any form of yourself can activate on/off switches.


Arrow Keys / WASD - Move

Space / Z - Jump

R - Restart Level

Escape - Menu


  • Graphics & Music - Me
  • Sounds - Respawn sound was remixed from
  • Font - StudebakerNF
  • Created in around 2 days for Wowie Jam 3.0!


Mac 49 MB
Windows 46 MB


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This game may have been the best one I've played in a jam, ever. The music in this game sounds like it came from a Mario RPG game, and the sound effects were juicy. With a little more polish and more levels, I would buy this game on Steam.